Grocery list: May 12, 2013 (or Happy Mother’s Day) - Happy Mother's Day to the greatest mom in the world besides Michelle Obama

No grocery list today. It’s Mother’s Day and we’re hosting. The Kid and I went to Starbucks and Bruegger’s Bagels to get The Wife bagels and coffee this morning. The Kid gave The Wife her gift — a Kindle Fire HD for Mother’s Day and The Wife’s birthday (May 28).

The crowd piles in around Noon, so I’ll be finishing a special two days to prepare lasagna, followed by gluten-free brownies and two different flavors of ice cream (vanilla and espresso chip). I’ll have posts about both this week.

Yesterday’s surprise was the delivery of my Father’s Day/Birthday present: a four-burner Char-Broil Infrared grill. The delivery wasn’t a surprise; I set it up. The surprise was that it came unassembled. It took about two hours, but it went together pretty easily. More on that later this week too.

This week will also mark the beginning of the Gluten Schmuten posts. We’re going to go through the products we have purchased for The Kid (thus far) and discuss how expensive they are (not as bad as you would think) and how they taste (not as bad as you would think).

Happy Mother’s Day. Do something nice today for your mother (even though she’s the reason you are a complete emotional and psychological mess) or the mother of your children (even though she’s the reason they will be a complete emotional and psychological mess). And then tomorrow we can all go back to ignoring them for another year. Ha!


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