The Celiac Story: Part XV…a pause

Note: This is the latest in a series of posts about The Kid’s Celiac disease diagnosis. They will all be collected under the Gluten Schmuten category tag.

celiacgraphicSo, where are we?

We’re not at the end of the story. It’s not going to end. The Celiac Story will be a journal of what The Wife, The Kid and I encounter for as long as Al Dente is here.

It’s more like a pause. With the procedure and diagnosis in our rear view mirror and our dietary shift in progress, this story has hit a stand still.

I think this is kind of funny, because we’ve circled back to where we were before the steatorrhea started in January. The Kid still doesn’t eat vegetables or fruit. She freaks out when we put meat within an arm’s reach. She won’t look at pasta, rice or any other cooked starch. No. We’re back to yogurt, breakfast foods and crunchy stuff, though much of it has changed.

We’ve heard from different camps on what to do with the picky eating. There are some out there, including some of those who read Al Dente frequently, who take a dim view on our tolerance of The Kid’s eating habits. Every so often when my sister comes home, we jokingly threaten to make the other person sit at the table until they finish what’s on their plate, or that they will eat the remainder of their dinner later as a snack. That’s how things worked at the old homestead when we were kids.

The Wife and I have taken a more laissez-faire approach to it. I think it’s the nature of our personality since The Kid has come along. The Wife has always been this way, but I noticed a change in my demeanor post-birth. Those who know me/knew me would tell you that I would happily engage in an argument about any topic thrust in my range of view. I loved to stir things on forums like or Facebook. Hell, I would shit stir in a conversation amongst family.

Now…meh. What’s the point? Being confrontational and relentlessly poking doesn’t get you anywhere. Harping and nagging only leads to more harping and nagging. And, when you are dealing with a toddler, who’s primary concern at dinner is everyone being quiet so she can hear “The Brady Bunch” theme song, there really is no point.

So, she’ll come around. She’s not failing to thrive. She’s still in the high percentiles of height. It will work itself out eventually.

The circle has come back around.

So, we’ll leave it like this. The Celiac Story will come back when necessary. Until then, Gluten Schmuten will take its place. These will be my reviews of products we purchase, stores we visit and other resources in the Gluten Free sphere. All of these posts will be categorized under the Gluten Schmuten category on this site.


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