Grocery list: April 6, 2013

IMG_0087The text message came through at 10:23 a.m.: “Layla is regretting her decision. She just stopped crying.”

Due to a work event on Sunday, I went grocery shopping on Saturday this week. The Wife was going to sit this trip out, but I had planned to bring The Kid with me. After a few minutes of asking, cajoling, faking sadness and bribing, The Kid refused to budge. I told The Wife that I would walk slowly to the car in case she changed her mind. I took my time putting on my shoes, put some thought into a hat (went with the orange Under Armour hat I have been wearing a lot lately), dropped my keys twice (unintentionally), and by the time I reached the car, there was no call to turnaround.

So I left.

And The Kid cried.

For a half-hour.

The Wife reports that she screamed, kicked, threw toys, and refused to be comforted. Why? Because she (allegedly) missed me and wanted to go to Wegmans.

When I got home, it was like I returned from a six-month tour of duty. Hugs, kisses and a refusal to be detached from me. And then she saw one of her new books on the coffee table and took off, going back to her normal place of ignoring me.


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