Grocery list: February 10, 2013

Optional Theme Music:

The plane touched down just after 10 p.m. and I was tucked in bed just after the first overtime of the Louisville-Notre Dame game (11-ish). It was the first night back I laid in my lumpy queen-sized bed in nearly a week.

And I couldn’t get to sleep.

2013-02-10 at 10-07-31I was able to steal an extra hour or so this morning, thanks to the generosity of The Wife and The Kid, who greeted me with a hug and kiss at 7 a.m. before going downstairs. We would dine on coffee (The Kid loves cold coffee) and croissants (The Kid loves those more) before heading out to our regular Sunday routine of Wegmans and Target. It’s nice to have routine and get back into a groove.

Dallas was much nicer than I expected. I was very surprised at the depth of the food culture and how it extended beyond Tex-Mex and steakhouses. I expected more of that “Don’t Mess With Texas” badass culture of the Lone Star State typical presented by its public faces…Jerry Jones, Rick Perry and George W. Bush. Frankly, I was expecting Dallas to be a little…backwards. It turns out I was wrong.

So, I have the last remnants of some restaurant reviews to get live, as well as a week of recipes. And, a big, heartfelt thank you to my friend Shawn from Grand Rapids. She brought me a new notepad for grocery list purposes. For some reason, she thought it was appropriate…


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