Grocery list: February 3, 2013

2013-02-03 at 08-05-43

I’m out of my snarky paper with the vulgar header. I bought it years ago at an Urban Outfitters in King of Prussia, Pa. When I visited the store in Syracuse, there was nothing of its ilk on the shelves. I don’t need special paper for a grocery list, but it made for a nice talking point when I saw people I knew at Wegmans.

Today’s trip was early and quick. Early, because the father-in-law celebrates his 65th year roaming the Earth today. The Wife and The Kid are at what is sure to be a raucous celebration. I’m home convalescing, though I should be packing. Quick, because I’m only cooking dinner on Monday. The next morning, I leave for five days in Dallas and our organization’s national leadership conference. The Wife has enough stuff in the freezer to get by. Plus, I’m certain that she’ll have dinner at the in-laws at least twice while I’m gone.

Illness is sweeping our house. The Kid has been sick, off and on, for two weeks. That’s day care for you. The Wife’s head cold began to manifest itself on Thursday. Mine started at exactly 3:07 a.m. today, when I woke up after nearly drowning in snot. Apparently, my sinus decided to give way at that exact moment and release the entire contents of my skull into my throat. So, I have a nice cough and sore throat to take to Texas.


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