Grocery list: January 13, 2013

“I’ve got a great idea and you’re going to hate it.” The Wife generally likes my good ideas, but is always skeptical of my claims for a great idea. Her reply to me was something of a sigh and mutter, though I’m not sure what she said.

IMG_0075We needed to get out of the house. Yesterday had been spent inside the four walls of our abode and all three of us (The Kid included) were getting stir crazy. My proposal was this: rather than pay return shipping for items that needed to go back to L.L. Bean, we should drive to the store in Fayetteville, and follow that up with grocery shopping at Wegmans Dewitt.

I got a look.

You see, Wegmans Dewitt is one of the largest grocery stores in the Northeast. No lie, it’s about 123,000 square feet. It’s sister store in Pittsford runs 140,000 (the largest in America is the Woodman’s in Kenosha, Wisc. at 250,000 square feet). And, on any given day, the Dewitt stores has a population density of about 40 people per square foot. It’s constantly busy. But, the product selection is massive and, for some reason, everything looks fresher. It’s not my favorite store, but we needed to get out. And, we got a bonus. The Kid wanted to see her grandparents and they were willing to oblige.

The trip was fine and The Wife only hyperventilated once (she hates grocery shopping as a practice and a concept, but particularly so in large, heavily trafficked stores like this one).

We’ll still eat the freezer this week and Meatless Monday will likely be greens and beans. And we’ll try something new this week. Plus, I’ll have recipes featuring beer ice cream, cookies made by The Wife and The Kid and Amatricana sauce.


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