Grocery list: December 9, 2012

IMG_0958EDITOR’S NOTE: I typically post my weekly grocery list here, but my iPhone lost the photo I took of it. The phone attempted to sync libraries with Photostream (a colossal disappointment compared to the former MobileMe product) and erased all of the photos on my phone. Nothing major was lost, but it was just annoying. Instead, enjoy a photo of my daughter stirring a pot of boiling egg noodles.)

Periodically, I get into a lazy streak with, well, everything. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t pay the bills around here anymore. I had this tendency to get bored and ignore them. It’s much less detrimental when I get lazy with the blog, which explains the scarcity of posts recently.

I have no good excuse. I took pictures. I cooked new things. At the end of the night, I wish I could say that I was tired out from my day. I wasn’t. I was just disinterested. Funny how that works. 

We’re getting into a streak of crazy around here. This weekend, The Wife and I saw “White Christmas” at Syracuse Stage (it was okay…the acting was fine…Wallace was weak and I didn’t think that the screenplay translated well, but whatev). Next weekend is a wedding and then we’re into Christmas. The 30-ish days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are always busy, but the so-called Holiday Rush seems much more rapid this year and with no particularly good reason. Ordinarily, I would just blame it on The Kid, but I don’t think that’s possible here.

I have a work-related party this week, so only three dinner evenings. But, I have a backlog of content to post, so there should be plenty going on here for the next few days.


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