Grocery list: November 18, 2012

I’m backlogged on posts that I need to write. If this were the Word Fugitives column in The Atlantic, I think the proper word would be “constypated.”

There is at least one update on a recipe and a soup to add, plus a couple of side dishes, in addition to everything that has to go up this week.

Today marks the annual Paventi not-Thanksgiving, our annual salute to eating turkey that doesn’t take place on the national holiday. We’ll get into that later. I have a turkey sitting on the stove coming up to temperature and a quart of turkey stock defrosting as we speak.

It’s been a long day already. We had Christmas photos done this morning and the place was dirty with kids. It was loud, obnoxious and a mess. I needed a drink by the time we walked out. I’ll save that drink until we tear into the growler of cider I picked up today at dinnertime.

This week’s grocery list will produce:

  • Pasta with rappi
  • Open-faced turkey sandwiches



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