Great news from Great Lakes

Beer connoisseurs know just how good Great Lakes Brewing Company beers are. Quality ingredients, quality brewing method…just quality all in all.

Last year, I was introduced to the Christmas Ale — a limited release seasonal that is among their most popular. The introduction of it each fall draws hundreds to the brewery’s pub in Cleveland. I picked up a growlerful on a Friday night to take to a dinner party last year. When I went back on Saturday, the place pouring growlers was all out and they sold out of six packs.

When I saw it on the shelves Saturday at Wegmans, I grabbed a six pack. Sunday when we went back, the shelves were bare. I asked the beer distributor stocking the place if there was more coming in. He said that he was all out of it and that he cannot meet the demand.

So, I’ll savor the six I have…at least until my sister comes home this weekend and gets into it.


3 thoughts on “Great news from Great Lakes”

  1. Jared, you should make a trip to Cleveland and check out the Brewery. It really is heaven on Earth. I bet we could get Jim Handrych and Phil Turner to join us.


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