Grocery list: October 14, 2012

I had long said that I would not be one of those parents who would take his kid to Wegmans on Sunday. Each week, I would see these children rambling around the store, either unsupervised or in defiance of their parents.

So, I lied.

The Kid actually likes going, which is much different from her mother who detests the store. From time to time we’ll do a family trip, but for the most part it’s Layla and I going so that The Wife can get a few minutes of quiet. Or bathing. Or whatever it is she does when we go to Wegmans.

Today’s trip was pretty run-of-the-mill. Every time we got produce, The Kid got stickered as well (Wegmans has scales where you can weigh and print a label with a UPC). She gets to see the train suspended from the ceiling over the bulk food department (where she got more stickers with UPC codes) and then did her best cute kid face and begged the cashier for a sticker up front. All said and done, a good trip.

This week’s trip will produce a few dinners this week:

  • Homemade pizza tonight
  • Tomato, cheddar and basil soup for Meatless Monday
  • Baked crispy chicken cutlets
  • Orecchiette with chicken ragout

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