Walk To End Alzheimer’s

As I’ve mentioned before, Al Dente is a side project. It’s the by-product of my creative work in the kitchen. It’s fun. It’s cathartic. It’s a hobby.

It doesn’t pay the bills.

My day job is as the chief communications officer for the Alzheimer’s Association, Central New York Chapter. I landed there in 2003 because it was a job and I was unemployed. It has since become a passion; a fight I can wrap my hands around. It’s my way of getting back at the thing that stole my mother’s mother from me when I was a child. Her doctor called it dementia, but in reality she had Alzheimer’s. So while I work for the organization seeking to end this disease, I have a more personal interest in its end.

Walk To End Alzheimer’s is the nation’s largest community event aimed at defeating America’s sixth-leading cause of death. There will be more than 600 of these taking part across the country this fall. I encourage you to get involved as a walker, volunteer, or as a donor to my Walk fundraising. I’ll be working that morning, but as always, I fundraise in memory of my grandmothers, and my wife’s grandmother and grandfather. Every dollar, whether its 5, 50 or 500, gets us closer to a cure and provides vital services in communities like mine and yours.



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