Today’s bounty

When The Kid was still The Baby, I would take her on Saturday mornings to the Central New York Regional Market. She would stare at the ceiling (rear-facing babyseats), we’d get a little quality time and The Wife would get a little extra sleep. Now that The Baby is The Kid, she’s decided that the morning doesn’t start without a full dose of Mommy. And, since The Wife is already awake, The Kid and I let her join us on our trip to Park Street.

The Regional Market has been around forever. As a child, my father would take me. I would get popcorn for breakfast. He would get vegetables for the week. This was basically the routine from age 3 until I was old enough to play in the church’s elementary school basketball league.

I have a few regular stops…namely Flour City Pasta and Sunrise Farms. The former for their pasta; the latter for their green beans. Today’s trip was a little bigger: cucumbers, dill and cilantro for pickles, parsley for other stuff, green beans and sugar snaps for side dishes and eggplant for Meatless Monday.

I should just buy as CSA share, like I’ve been talking about doing forever. But, I don’t know if I want to trade the Saturday morning trips with The Kid.


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