Grocery list: August 19, 2012

Today was going to be a group trip to Wegmans, but when I came downstairs from getting dressed, The Kid was engulfed in a DVR’ed episode of Sesame Street. I don’t get Elmo or why he is so appealing to the toddler set. He annoys me greatly, but whatever makes The Kid happy is fine with me. So, I went shopping instead and we all took a group trip to Shove Park for some swinging, sliding and other acts of cuteness.

Today’s Wegmans trip yielded ingredients for the following meals this week:

  • Pizzas. As of now, we’re looking at salami+mozzarella and figs+gorgonzola. That could change.
  • Quinoa+black bean burrito bowls
  • Salt-cured roasted chicken
  • Chorizo burgers that I didn’t make two weeks ago.
  • Sides of string bean salad and a roasted tomato and chickpea salad.

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