Grocery list: August 13, 2012

The pad of paper where I keep the grocery list is blank. It’s a liberating and empty feeling, all at the same time. Empty feeling in that I haven’t assembled the guiding principle of my week — what I need to buy so that I can feed my family. Liberating because I haven’t made a decision about anything as of yet.

We had a quest in mind Sunday, as we were sans child. Brunch was a nice diversion. An hour before that, we visited the Sleep Number bed store at Destinarousel USA Center. We were thoroughly impressed with the product before facing the wholly laughable price quote for a queen-sized bed. For $2,500 (with tax), the bed should come with my own personal assistant, who rocks me to sleep, reads me a story, wakes me gently the next morning and, every few days, offers 60 minutes of deep tissue. After brunch, we found a much more affordable and equally as comfortable memory foam bed at a local furniture store.

Then I came home and took a nap.

So, I’m probably going grocery shopping tomorrow after work. I have an idea of at least one dinner this week, but otherwise I’m waiting for the muse to avail herself to me.

Until then, I have some stuff to share…


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