Last week at Al Dente: Rehoboth Beach, Del. (Part II)

Grotto Pizza, via Flickr

More thoughts from Rehoboth Beach that do not warrant their own post.

  • The ice cream selection was a nice surprise. Sure, there was a Cold Stone Creamery and a few Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard stands. But, there was the surprise of Kilwan’s and their custom flavors, including salted caramel and banana fudge pie.
  • Pizza is tough in these beach towns, unless there is a strong water treatment system. In the Outer Banks, the water is not treated, which means pre-fab crust trucked in from other locales. Grotto Pizza both surprised and bankrupted us. Four large pizzas delivered on the first evening ran $75 plus tip. Yikes. Nonetheless, it was a fresh crust, tasty sauce and good quality cheese pizza. It was a welcome surprise and highly recommended by many of our friends’ friends who had been to Rehoboth previously.
  • While I didn’t make it there personally, the Fractured Prune got high marks from some friends. Donuts are freshly glazed and custom topped. It goes on the list for next year, even if The Wife doesn’t eat donuts.
  • I did make it to The Point Coffee House and Bake Shoppe, where the Coastal Highway and Rehoboth Avenue meet. They make a mean croissant and roast their own coffee beans in house. It was the best coffee of the week.
  • Speaking of coffee, what is your problem Rehoboth? Every cup I had, save The Point, was absolute and utter crap. I went to three different Starbucks, a Dunkin Donuts and my own kitchen. Each cup was as rancid as the other, except for The Point.

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