Last week at Al Dente: Rehoboth Beach, Del. (Part I)

There will be a few restaurant reviews that go up over the coming days. I’m not entirely sure why my iPad app didn’t cycle the posts online from our house in Rehoboth Beach, Del., but it didn’t happen. They will fit into the schedule of this week’s posts. Otherwise, here are some thoughts from last week’s vacation that don’t warrant their own post:

  • The Pig + Fish Company in Rehoboth has a great eclectic menu, though we never had the chance to try it. We intended to make takeout from the Rehoboth Avenue restaurant our Saturday dinner, but after organizing the order and calling, I was told that they don’t do takeout on Saturdays.
We don’t do takeout on Saturdays. La-dee-da.
      Seriously, no takeout on Saturdays? Fine, but here’s a tip. Put that on your website or takeout menu. You know…throw your customers a bone. You stink.

  • Grocery stores were surprisingly decent. There was Food Lion, which is never acceptable, and a Waldbaum’s Superfresh. I didn’t make it in either. I thought the Giant would be okay. It was actually the opposite of that. I don’t know what it is with them. When there is a serious competitor in the vicinity (like Wegmans in the Northern Virginia or Maryland), they step up their game. This store was so badly inventoried that I ditched my cart mid-aisle and walked out. Safeway became the store of choice. Not perfect, but certainly a step up.
  • I don’t like reviewing takeout, simply because the food sits and steams itself in a box for 10 minutes on the ride home. That said, The Big Fish Market and Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth does quite a nice job. Located on Route 1 just past the 1/1A split, takeout from the fish market was well received. The Wife reported excellent crab cakes, while my shrimp were spot on.
  • Why so much takeout, you ask? There was not one day on our trip where someone wasn’t sick. It started with my kid, who had a 48-hour stomach virus (commencing at 12:30 a.m., the night before our drive). By overnight Tuesday, another friend was having a gall bladder attack. Sometime Thursday, a friend’s three-year-old began vomiting. In between, another kid started running a fever and her mother got the barfs. So, we really only had one night where going out was possible. That was fun.

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