Grocery list: May 27, 2012

We just passed the halfway point of Memorial Day weekend 2012 and, thus far, it’s been pretty good. Friday night brought 200 clams and a little too much to drink (Long Trail Pollenator is…good) with some friends. Yesterday saw The Wife and I mulching our flower beds (Yes, I did yard work.) and cleaning things up outside. All the while, The Child was at The In-Laws. For all the complaining I do about the Syracuse area (and I do a lot of it), having free childcare with the overnight option less than 10 minutes away is a massive counterbalance.

Dinner on Saturday was for four (with The In-Laws). Steaks and some mediocre early season corn-on-the-cob were followed by a trip to the Official Soft-Serve Ice Cream Stand of the Al Dente blog. Verizon had a table out front hawking Fios, which is an oddly timed and placed solicitation. When I deflected their advances with my truthful claim that we already had the TV-Internet-phone bundle, they bucked up coupons for free ice cream cones. Pretty sweet. DIRECTV never gave me free ice cream.

So, The Child and The Wife are outside. One of them is in a kiddie pool, though I’m can’t tell which one. Today saw a family trip to Wegmans, which always winds up with me spending more money. I have no idea why (The Wife) I spend more (The Wife) when everyone comes along (The Wife), but it inevitably happens.

The above grocery list will produce the following dinners this week:

  • Apple-cheddar burgers
  • Mojo flap steak with salsa verde
  • Grilled chicken with peach barbecue sauce
  • Chorizo tacos with black bean salsa

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