Lies, damn lies, statistics and Jeff Goldblum’s diet

From time to time, I skim the statistics section that WordPress provides to see what’s what. I’m fascinated at how people have come to Al Dente. I know that many of you are friends, either real, Facebook or both, and that some have made their way here from my interactions on other blogs (Jane Maynard’s This Week For Dinner, for one). I try to watch the statistics so that I can plan what to write in the future. For instance, last year’s Burger Week was fairly popular and may make a return this summer. That said, I thought I would share some items. After all, sharing is caring.

First, thanks to all of you for your support. April 2012 was the busiest month in terms of traffic to Al Dente in its 17-month history. The weeks of April 9-15 and 23-29 were the two busiest weeks ever recorded here. Pretty cool.

The search engine stuff is pretty fascinating. These are the top ten terms that brought visitors to our doorstep:

  1. cooking measurement conversion chart
  2. antonio’s to go
  3. clams provencal
  4. cooking conversion chart
  5. antonio’s camillus
  6. boom boom mex mex menu
  7. drew magary chili
  8. wegmans tomato pie
  9. knife fetish
  10. antonios to go
The search engine information also reveals some, uh, interesting data. Here are the other search terms that landed people to the Al Dente blog.
  • jeff goldblum weight loss
  • very drunk person
  • we are open signs
  • st bonaventure cult
  • st bonaventure microwave
  • pre soup
  • heluva good dip binge
  • lambhand burger
  • chiropractor agony
  • buses fares from pittsburgh to nags head

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