Mark Bittman says so

We’ve covered this before, but like the Presidents of this nation, I like to spike the football. So, when people smarter than I am validate my position, I’m all about sharing it.

I fall in line with the school of thought that grilling is not the best method of cooking a steak. The guys at The Palm say so, as does Alton Brown. So did Tom Colicchio in Esquire last April:

Grilling’s one of the worst ways to cook a steak. Those grill marks you get? That’s burnt. I don’t care — if it’s black, it’s burnt. Deep, deep dark crusty brown — that’s good.

And now we here from Mark Bittman, James Beard Award winner and columnist for The New York Times. His latest book, How to Cook Everything The Basics, was released in March and featured on Serious Eats today. His method:

In a nutshell: salt, pepper, meat, heat, eat.

In it, Bittman offers three techniques: pan-seared, broiled and grilled. Yes, grilled. I take my validation from the fact that two of the three methods include indoor cooking, a fact that will offend pyrocarnivores everywhere.

I love my grill and this weekend I might even get it ready for spring. But, I’ll keep my steaks inside and follow the advice Bittman, Colicchio and The Palm’s Tommy Tammero:

The correct way to cook this steak is under a super-hot restaurant grill, with the fire coming from above, but of course most homes don’t have that. The final choice is to pan-sear it. The home broiler is definitely not a choice. It just poaches the steak, takes the blood right out of it, and you end up with gray meat.


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