This week’s grocery list

This week’s trip to Wegmans was at 8:30 or so, meaning that the crowd was light. That’s always a plus. It makes it much easier to bring The Baby to the store (side note: The Baby is 22 months old, so she’s really not a baby anymore. The Child sounds like something you might read in a legal brief or custody papers. From now on, we’ll call her The Kid, until she officially turns two. Then, she’ll probably be The Monster.) when we don’t have to stop every three feet so someone can look at her. She’s developed a personality/attitude problem indicative of her patrilineal bloodlines: she does not pay attention to you unless you give her something. She ignored the cashier’s attempts at engagement until he produced a sticker. Now, she’s going to prom with him.

Three nights of dinners this week. I’ll be in Albany for the better part of tomorrow, so we’re looking at a soup to be named later (I don’t have any clue what’s in the freezer.). Otherwise, it’s a couple of pastas, (the avocados at Wegmans were softer than the tomatoes I purchased, so the creamy avocado pasta is out indefinitely), and a TBA. My sister is coming home this weekend, so Thursday will likely be a game-time decision, though the cake and frosting means that there will be Funfetti at some point.


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