This week at Al Dente: Late edition

Typically, the “F” on my grocery lists stands for “fancy.” Nature’s Marketplace, gourmet cheese, et al. The Wife, darling as she is, thought it was frozen food. That’s fine. I usually go with “FF” for frozens, but whatev.

This week’s grocery run has three nights of dinner on tap. The in-laws get home Monday from a month in Myrtle Beach, so we’re doing pizza when they arrive. That means Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be some combination of sausage, bean and spinach soup, pasta with arugula and white beans, and a take on Weight Watchers’ crunchy chicken tenders.

The late edition is because I started with an incident at the corner of Gerelock and Horan Roads. I have an iron stomach, but something caused me to lose last night’s dinner during my return trip from Starbucks. The resulting light-headedness and headache delayed today’s posting.

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