This week at Al Dente: H/T to Jane Maynard

Each week I post my upcoming menu at This Week For Dinner, the blog run by Foodpress editor Jane Maynard. I think Jane has an awesome job as the editor of WordPress‘ food section and it’s not just because I’m kissing her ass to get featured (though I wouldn’t mind it.). Most of what people post on Jane’s blog looks good and, in a couple of instances, I’ve followed those blogs to see the results. But for every discovery there is the person who takes Hamburger Helper and makes a casserole out of it. Gak.

As a take on Jane’s concept, I offer my grocery list for the week after the jump.

The Wife has a meeting on Monday night, so that’s an FFY night (Fend For Yourself). The dinner this week looks like black bean burgers, winter pasta and orzo risotto with chicken and spring vegetables, all of which are featured on my Pinterest board.

I would go shopping with no list in the past, which means I would end up making second and third trips to the store during the week. Then, The Wife started making lists. This was fine, except that she would compose it as it came to her. This wouldn’t be a problem if it was in any order, but dairy items could be on the top and/or bottom of the list, meaning that I would invariably retrace my steps through the store. A few times.

Now, we go with department headings. A happy medium, particularly on weeks when The Wife starts the list (note the graham crackers at the top of the list). G for grocery, P for produce, D for dairy and so forth. And, as always, it’s on special paper to reflect the necessary angry attitude one must adopt when going to Wegmans on a Sunday.


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