Slater’s 50/50, Point Loma, Calif.


My boss saw a special about all things bacon on the food channel. One of the featured restaurants was a joint in the LA area called Slater’s 50/50, which had recently opened a location in the San Diego area. When the boss makes a suggestion, we make it happen.

Tucked away in a rather secluded part of Point Loma’s Liberty Station area, Slater’s shares a building with an Ace hardware and a bakery. Our van driver drove around twice before finding the spot. What was poorly marked became a coma inducing oasis.

Greeted by an enormous bronze burger and about 100 beers on tap, Slater’s has cornered their niche in the gourmet burger market with their hook…the 50/50. Their signature patty is half ground beef, half ground bacon.

Reread that sentence and get back to me.

After a 15-minute wait to assemble our table of five in the small dining area, we ordered another round of beers and a much larger round of fried appetizers. My boss, ever the hostess, bypassed the combo platter and ordered an assortment of apps, ranging from the new norm (sweet potato fries and onion straws) to the unique (fried artichoke hearts and fried house-cured dill pickle chips). None disappointed.

Neither did the burgers. The traditional 50/50 comes with lettuce, chipotle mayo and a fried egg on a brioche roll. It can also be ordered on honey wheat or naked, served in a lettuce wrap. An assortment of burgers range from a PBJ combo, to a turkey burger topped with mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Two of us opted to build our own. Mine was a 50/50 patty with mayo, cheddar, tomato, red onion and dill pickles. Diners can name their burgers and the wait staff will announce that name upon serving.

The burger tastes, as one of my dining companions stated, exactly as you would expect. The even. Blend of beef and bacon was a perfect balance. My 2/3 pound burger showed little signs of shrinking on the grill, making me wonder if the measure was per or post cooking. The side of fries was lost on the table, still drowning in the sea of fried apps, but came with a bacon infused ketchup. The lumpy red mass looked more like a cocktail sauce, and my brain was confused when the flavor of horseradish was superseded by the taste of bacon. Sweet, sweet bacon.

We left a ton of fried food behind and only my boss took half of her 50/50 home. As an unabashed connoisseur of cold leftovers, I’m slightly jealous at the prospect of taking down that bad boy as breakfast tomorrow.

Dinner was a shade over $107 before tip. The combination of exhaustion and beer made that bill very tough to read.

Slater’s 50/50 is located in Liberty Station at 2750 Dewey Rd. in Point Loma. They also have locations in Anaheim and Huntington Beach.




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