What’s up?

So, I’ve been away for a while. Mostly, it’s because I’ve been busy. As previously noted, I work for a non-profit and we are in the middle of our big fundraising season. This means my writing time is at a premium nonexistent.

There has been another problem that I’ve been dealing with. My last post was about six months after starting this adventure. In that time, I had a hard time grasping a voice. Was this a weight loss blog or a cooking blog? Am I a foodie or an eater? Is this about opinion or recipes? I’m still struggling with what I want this to be. This is not Serious Eats or Food52. It’s my view on my voyage with food, both good and bad. I think that is the voice I want to maintain in the future.

At the same time, I look back at a blog post that a Facebook friend wrote. Laura Watkins, a writer for The Virginian Pilot, waxed eloquent about being an eater:

No, no. Eaters are far more complicated than the bodies they inhabit. Eaters want to compare food, discover new restaurants, hear about dishes they must try because they are – and this is to be sung with an intense vibrato an octave above your normal speaking voice – innnncrediiiiibllllle. Other eaters, for instance, introduced me to phở (a Vietnamese dish that translates roughly as “noodle soup that will change life as you know it on Earth.”), scallion cream cheese-stuffed Portobello mushrooms, and caramel and sea salt gelato.

I take this to heart because my journey with food is more than just something you eat to exist. It’s not simply a necessary fuel, but a passion that reaches beyond anything that ABC can poison us with five days a week. In the coming days and weeks I’ll ramp the blog back up. We’ll conclude The Weight Loss Story, come up with some other themes and try to capture what Laura described as the difference between the eater and the foodie:

What eaters understand that foodies do not is this: food is for sharing. There’s a certain power in realizing that a combination of different ingredients can create something oddly magical, and we recognize this supernaturalism to a greater degree when we work with others to produce it. We are food shaman of sorts, passing down our knowledge and joy to those who are wise enough to listen. We are eaters, and this is our tribe.


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