Garden Update

Weather stations in Fairmount, N.Y. had Thursday’s high topping out at 102 degrees. The official temperature at the airport (I don’t know anyone that lives at the airport) broke 100 degrees for the ninth time since these records have been kept.

So, what do the tomato plants look like? They’re holding up. We had some concerns when my mother-in-law called during my vacation to say they might be dead. Half-true. The San Marzanos are a tad too prissy and have met their demise. The Romas, however, are still ticking. I gave them a good MiracleGro drowning and brought the leaves back to a nice green color. They are producing fruit, though not a robust bounty.

The herbs are troubling. My cilantro is dead. Wooden stalks. This is the second time I have planted cilantro to have it die. Fucker. Otherwise, everything else is in need of a good trimming. I’m also pleased to say that the roses are surviving the heat, which is impressive since we basically ignore them.

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3 thoughts on “Garden Update”

  1. If your cilantro had lived, it would have bolted by now. You used the correct adjective to describe it, from my experience as well.

  2. My Romas have been going for a while but none are even close to turning red yet. I planted them in mid May. Is this unusual? The plants look healthy and green and growing…just not red.

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