This {insert time period} in Al Dente

I go back to my actual job Tuesday, after a 10+ day break. I say break and not vacation, because the latter is supposed to be relaxing. When the 1-year-old’s ear infection doesn’t go away, leading to multiple sleepless nights and a trip to urgent care, there is no relaxation. I’m not whining so much as I am seeking some sympathy from the small demographic of readers that are also parents.

This week is back on schedule. No Weight Loss Story this week. Those will resume with a conclusion soon. This week we’ll take a look at the fruits of my garden, as well as what is left of it. There are some other things on tap, but nothing solid yet. Cooking, like writing, requires a visit from the muse. Otherwise, you get the written equivalent of Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Here’s what we did in the past week:

Thanks for your support of Al Dente. Here’s video of the Minneapolis Metrodome’s roof collapsing this past winter under the weight of snow. Today it was almost 100 degrees and sunny.

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