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Burger Week marked one of the highest traffic weeks here at Al Dente. Thanks to everyone that stopped by, and a special thanks to Williamsville, N.Y. bureau chief Todd Lewandowski for contributing a piece to the puzzle. Side note: I’m happy to take submissions of recipes and guest columns as long as they follow basic rules of grammar and don’t render me, as the editor of this blog, criminally or civilly liable.

This week:

Thanks for your support of Al Dente. This is “A Day At St. Bonaventure College,” circa 1936:

2 thoughts on “This Week @ Al Dente”

  1. You say Carolina sauce is garbage. Stick to the tomato-based.

    Wow I can not believe that you would make a statement like that!

    If you are from the Carolina’s and you know how to make a good vinegar based sauce then it is not garbage at all. This type of sauce pulls out the flavor of the meat and brings just enough heat without covering the meat with a sweetness that will put you into a Diabetic Comma.

    BBQ is not French cooking that requires heavy sauces to cover up the poor quality of the meat. If you choose good marbled cuts of meat and leave the bones in and then cook it low and slow then the Carolina sauce helps pull the juices to the surface where the taste buds can savor them.

    Now having said this I also enjoy a good Memphis rub on ribs and I have been known to do a combo Rub and Vinegar – Tomato based sauce with some hot pepper on a Boston Butt. Course chop this and server it with some baked beans using a heaver sugar based sauce and some Cole Slaw and you have the best of all 3 traditions.

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