The Weight Loss Story: Chapter XI

The annual reunion trip to the Outer Banks is a bender in a few different forms. It wasn’t unheard of for there to be a few drunken evenings, but more likely to happen is a caloric overload. We used to keep a consumption list, but the results were a touch depressing. Here’s the 2004 list of things eaten by 10 people:

I look like crap. (2009)

WE ATE: 12 hamburgers, 8 hot dogs, as many buns, five pounds of salt potatoes, 8 pounds pork tenderloin, 9 pounds chicken, two pounds pasta, one pound mozzarella, two quarts homemade tomato sauce (the preceding three becoming baked ziti), 11 pieces of Pepperidge Farms Texas Toast Garlic Bread, five bags of salad, three bottles of salad dressing, one pound of french fries, one pound of tater tots, two pounds pasta, one pound cheddar cheese, two bell peppers (last three used for a pasta salad), four pounds lunch meat, one pound provolone cheese, two loaves bread, 24-pack of “the world’s greasiest” french toast sticks, a dozen bagels, two pounds of cream cheese, one bag Utz Dark Russet potato chips, two smaller bags Munchies snack mix, one super size bag Munchies snack mix, two tubs of Helluva Good dip (and it was damn good…fat free onion and Dinosaur BBQ) five pounds homemade Chex mix, five pounds Muddy Buddy mix, one batch chewy toffee bars, one batch chocolate chip cookie, 3/4 batch of Mudslide brownies, one three-pound bag of store bought Chex Mix (cheddar-style). Eight pizzas (a note…Dare Devil’s Pizza is much better than Kitty Hawk Pizza…but then again, pizza is pizza).

I don't look much better here (2009). Sideways doesn't flatter me.

WE DRANK: 24 bottles of Labatt’s Blue, 24 bottles of Yuengling, 12 bottles of Sam Adams Light, 6 bottles of Pete’s Wicked Rally Cap Ale, 42 bottles of Smirnoff Ice, 12 bottles of Mike’s Hard Light Lemon/Lime, one large bottle of Sangria. 36 cans plus two two-liters of Pepsi. One liter of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, one liter of Bacardi Gold, .75 liters of Absolut Vodka. Two liters of Cheerwine. Two gallons of OJ. 10 gallons plus 48 bottles of purified water. A number of lemons, limes, bananas, apples and plums.

Two years ago, I hit a milestone. Each evening of the trip, I put down a 12-pack. It was gluttony for no other reason than I could. Shiner Bock. Blue Moon. Kona Wailua Wheat. Done, done and done.

Last year saw me at the height of the weight loss program. I looked good. I felt good. But, there was the temptation. Cheerwine. Beer. Taco dip. An endless stream of potato chips. Now, I had help. The Baby was four weeks old and demanded a lot of attention, which meant I spent a lot of time with a baby in my arms or on the bed napping. I also made the mistake of making the trip a working vacation, so there was a lot of time devoted to a computer screen. All of this added together meant that there was not a lot of recreational eating.

We returned and on that Monday I had a visit to the doctor. My weight was down to 270 — 63 lost since we started. But, the other numbers are what had the doctor all fired up:

  • My HDL to LDL ratio was normal, for probably the first time ever.
  • My fasting glucose was 95 and my A1C was at the low end of normal.
  • My liver functions were within normal range
And, for the first time in a very long time, I looked good in the photos:

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