Link Dump: 06.19.11

Technically, this is my second Father’s Day, but I don’t count last year. The Baby was only a week or so old, falling into that margin of error that pollsters use. I got an advance Father’s Day gift today…The Wife took The Baby to a baptism in Schenectady, leaving me home to work and watch an old movie or two. Today…”Casino.”

Future Of Restaurant Made Famous By “M-A-S-H” In Doubt (WLTW)
While I did once own a Toledo Mud Hens hat due to my love of M*A*S*H, I don’t have this on my list of must visit restaurants.

Dad’s Top Shelf (WSJ)
For me, it starts and ends with Johnny Walker Blue. Anyone out there looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift for me? Pick me up one of those.

Top 10 Signs of a Bad Cook (CHOW)
No. 2 bugs me because I do keep lemon juice and grated parm in the fridge. That said, this list is not too far off the mark.

Why Home-Style Cooking Will Always Beat Restaurant-Style (The Atlantic)
Still home to the best writing in America.

Is This the Future of Food Guides? (Civil Eats)
This clear and intuitive website covers 4 categories: Farms, Ingredients, Farmer’s Markets, and Eateries. It’s super simple, just choose a category, and type in your zip code. Up pops the fresh foods in your area, with links to purveyors, descriptions, photos, connections, and soon video. Let’s try some examples…


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