Link Dump: 05.29.11

Ladies and gentlemen...corn dextrin.

It’s Memorial Day weekend, so I’ll be taking a couple of day hiatus. We’ll be back on Tuesday with highlights from the weekend of eating. Until then, there were a lot of great articles this week:

Cookie Crumbles for Girl Scouts, as Teens Launch Palm-Oil Crusade (WSJ)
When Girl Scouts go rogue, or how Girl Scout cookies are worse than you think.

What’s Really in a Twinkie (Dwight Eschliman)
Great photography of the “37 or so ingredients” in a Twinkie. Quite stunning.

The Eating Habits of Liberals Versus Conservatives (Hunch)
A-ha! I am a moderate.

USDA lowers pork’s safe cooking temp (AP)
145 degrees. Rare to medium rare pork is okay. Woo hoo!

POM Wonderful Health Claims for Juice Lack Scientific Support, U.S. Says (Bloomberg)
I know people who swear by POM. Personally, I think it makes a nice mixer with vodka and nothing more.

Thanks for your support of the Al Dente blog. In commemoration of the holiday, I offer this. The trailer still makes the hairs on my neck standup. HBO’s finest worth, The Sopranos notwithstanding.


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