Washington D.C. (and the places I won’t eat)

The PalmSam and Harry’sCitronelleRistorante Galileo?


The A train serves JFK Airport via the Howard ...
I hope the Jamba Juice in Terminal 5 is open early Sunday morning.

Think more like the Dunkin Donuts and Jamba Juice at JFK and the commissary at the Rayburn House Office Building. And, you can be jealous…the rubber chicken.

One of the great pleasures of traveling is discovering regional cuisine or the great restaurants in a particular city. When I went to Vegas back in 2008(ish), The Wife and I ate at Circo, a great sushi place, an authentic Mexican restaurant and had our first In-N-Out Burger. In Boston, I’ve been to the Parish Café. In D.C., The Palm and Capital City Brewing Company stand out, but only because I haven’t had the chance to get back and make more of a dent in the city. We’ve already covered my recent jaunt to Atlanta.

On Sunday, my boss and I head to a conference in D.C. I scanned the itinerary today and found that my days are packed tighter than tight. Even if we wanted to venture out for dinner, our options in the Adams Morgan area are monstrously bad (for me) and summed up in two words: Indian food.

I can’t do Indian. The results are not…pretty. Back when I worked at the Syracuse Asshat Corporation (not the real name, but pretty reflective), a bunch of us went out for Indian to a local place. Everyone raved. I had some mango chicken thing that tore me apart. Spent three hours in the men’s room that day and my evening wasn’t much better. Apparently curry just doesn’t sit right.

In lieu of wandering out for an evening of intestinal trauma, I’m looking at a Sunday night of uncertainty and a Monday evening rubber chicken in a ballroom-to-be-named-later at the Omni Shoreham. Tuesday evening will be spent with friends in Montgomery County and Wednesday will likely be whatever restaurant has the coldest beer at Dulles (Old Dominion Brewing Company? Anyone?).

It’s not my inalienable right to eat well on work trips and I shouldn’t complain, as I’m one of the few that travels at my office. Still, when you go to a city like Washington, with such a rich culinary community, you’d like to venture out. I’m not saying I need to belly up to the raw bar at The Old Ebbett Grill. A simple beer and burger at Cap City would be nice.

My kingdom for a Georgetown Cupcake?


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