Thursday Dinner: Udon Miso

I’ve been extremely lazy when it comes to bringing stuff to the blog. Work deadlines and needs have sucked up extra time, and my nearly 11-month-old daughter is doing all sorts of cute things lately. This is why I’m finally getting around to Thursday evening’s dinner today.

As I’ve mentioned previously, The Wife got her like for miso around the same time that she developed her taste for sushi. We eat more soy than average around here, usually in the form of edamame and Clif bars (my daily lunch). Udon was a late edition to our collective palate. I would make the instant ramen-style stuff for 9 p.m. dinners after teaching and one night, The Wife broke into my supply and decided that she liked udon. It’s funny how that happens…

With that supply of miso in the fridge and my grill nowhere near being close to cleaned, soup was on tap for Thursday night. Dinner was extremely cheap too. $2.49 for the tofu, $4.99 for the package of miso, $2.99 for the udon, $1.99 for the wakame. The scallions might have been the most expensive ingredient.

For the record, I dislike tofu. I know it doesn’t taste like anything, but The Wife likes it. For me, I think it’s a texture thing. Makes me gag. That said, it turned out pretty well.

Udon Miso
By Jared Paventi

  • 5 tablespoons miso (I had white on hand, but the red will work too)
  • 5 cups water
  • pinch of dried wakame
  • 2-3 ounces tofu in 1/2-inch cubes
  • two packages of instant udon
  • one bunch of scallions, whites and 1/2-inch greens
Bring water to boil in a large saucepan and add miso. Return to boil, stirring well, and add wakame and udon. Cook one minute, add tofu and cook one additional minute. Remove from heat, garnish with scallions and serve hot.

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