Al Dente Conversion Chart

Every so often, my sister calls me with a cooking-related question. It used to be recipe questions (“How do you make chicken cacciatore?”) but now its more measurement-type stuff — how many cups are in a quart (4) or how many tablespoons are in an ounce (2)?

It got me thinking about how to make it easier for her. I have a nifty magnetic conversion chart next to my stove, but that only does cups, tablespoons and the like. Sometimes, you need more.

So, I offer you “more,” in the form of the official Al Dente Conversion Chart. Download it, post it next to your stove/oven/wood-fired pizza oven/campfire and give it a glance. And, if you have any suggestions, send them along. There’s always room for a version 2.0.


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