Link Dump: 4.10.11

The one on the right is the cheeseburger. Yeah. I know.

Periodically, I’ll do a link dump of food articles I find worth reading. It’s a cheap ploy to fill the blog with content and not have to do a lot of work. Hence the name “link dump.” If you’re considering shutting down your government, read these first…

Unwanted New Item on Menu: Higher Prices (WSJ)
“Wholesale food prices rose 3.9% in February, according to the U.S. Labor Department, the biggest monthly increase since 1974. Experts say soaring fuel costs, rising commodities prices and inclement weather have contributed to the food crunch and affected large chains and small independents alike.”

Where Do Americans Get Their Calories? (Civil Eats)
So, it turns out that we’re not eating worse, per se, just eating more.

Sushi Science: Fear, Not Radiation, Seen As Risk (NPR)
“So the Japanese fish most likely to become contaminated are the ones that spend their entire lives right near the Fukushima power plant. And the government isn’t letting fishing vessels anywhere near the place.”

New Things Not To Eat From Dunkin’ Donuts: Apple Pie and Stuffed Breadsticks (Serious Eats)
“The meat, mushy and according to one editor, tasted like ‘fermented rotting [expletive]’.”

Serious Beer: American Pale Ales (Serious Eats)
Dream job? Dream job.


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