App for that?

A friend e-mailed the other day and asked what I thought about the Epicurious app. It’s one of my favorites and got me thinking about what iPhone apps were good for cooking (and eating).

The Urbanspoon/OpenTable app are nice when I’m on the road. They help find some place to go and lock up a reservation, but they aren’t much use in the Greater Syracuse metroplex. The Starbucks Mobile Card app is pretty cool because it can be used to pay when you forget your card in your other coat. It also has a helpful storefinder map. And Chipotle‘s app is great for takeout and dodging the line when ordering in.

Wegmans and Epicurious are my favorite apps. Both have access to large recipe databases and sync choices to a shopping list. Wegmans will even sort it by aisle depending on which store you are shopping. Pretty nifty.

The best app is your brain. A shopping list is helpful, but you need a sharp eye to spot check produce quality and the judgement to make a call when prepacked tomatoes, lemon juice or dry herbs are necessary.

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2 thoughts on “App for that?”

  1. I’m bitter. How can Wegmans not have an app for Droid? Isn’t Verizon the biggest provider in Wegmans’ back yard?

  2. Because it’s a Droid. Who cares?

    Verizon is the biggest provider in Upstate New York. Verizon also has the iPhone. Keep up with the time KJ! 🙂

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