Link Dump: 4.3.11

Periodically, I’ll do a link dump of food articles I find worth reading. It’s a cheap ploy to fill the blog with content and not have to do a lot of work. Hence the name “link dump.” The Sox are already two games behind the Yankees. Commemorate Sunday by checking out…

Parents picket peanut allergic girl ( and The Daily Mail)
“In Volusia County, Florida, parents of children at Edgewater Elementary School are demanding that one allergic girl withdraw from school, so that their children will not have to take such precautions as leaving their lunches outside or washing their hands before class.” I’d like to point out that this was one of the counties that couldn’t vote correctly in 2000.

Do You Know Your Soy Sauces? (Serious Eats)
I thought I did. Turns out I was, once again, wrong.

Cooking for One: Learning how to ‘Serve Yourself’ (WaPo)
“When I cook for myself, I tend to make something more off the cuff, a little less refined than what I make for friends, but I always strive for sustaining, even energizing. It’s partly that I want to have control over what I eat, but it’s also about answering my particular, ever-shifting cravings. After all, I know better than anyone what I want, and I usually know how to make it. If I don’t, I’m willing to learn, an attitude that has formed the basis of my cooking explorations for most of my life.”

How the Disaster in Japan Affects Seafood (The Daily Beast)
This…not good.

Who Asked For This? You Can Now Buy Bacon Air (Time)
I’ve got nothing.

Thanks for your support of Al Dente. My April gift to you is peanut controversy coverage.:


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