Coffee for a Cause

As many (if not all) of you know, I work at the Alzheimer’s Association, Central New York Chapter as its chief communications officer. In that role, I’m not allowed to make an implicit endorsements of products, services or otherwise. However, as the editor of the Al Dente blog, I can do whatever the hell I want. Therefore, listen close.


Let me explain. The Ithaca Coffee Company is selling a limited edition French Roast for the Chapter and donating $2 from every bag to the Chapter. As we’ve discussed before, my snobbery extends to coffee. This stuff is great. The acidity and flavor just work so well together…part-smokey, part-sweet. The dark French roast lets you know that it is serious coffee, not the dreck you get at Dunkin Donuts. According to the label:

This coffee is our Colombia Sierra Nevada roasted to a rich, dark French roast, brewing sweet and chocolatey, with a smoky sweet pipe-tobacco aroma. It has a rich, full body and a smooth, balanced acidity, with the flavors of dark chocolate and a bit of smoke. It has a spicy (cinnamon and allspice) and lingering dry finish.

It’s not often that you can by something and have it go to a worthy cause. Okay, so maybe it is, but how often can you buy something as essential to life as high-quality coffee and have it make a difference for the not-for-profit for which I work? See. Now we’re talking rare opportunity here.

It can be purchased in person at their Ithaca-area stores, or online at The Fair Trade Organic French Roast is $13.99 per pound and ships via Priority Mail within one day to most upstate areas.


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