Monday Side Dish: Roasted Asparagus

What an ugly vegetable...

Asparagus is one of those take it or leave it side dishes. Me? I’m a take it on this one. The Wife? I think she eats it to appease me, but otherwise is disinterested in the veggie. Until tonight, when I got this: “I usually don’t like asparagus, but I liked whatever you did to it.”

The flavor, texture and residual effect do not bother me so much. I’m sure it can be grilled, though I’ve never tried. Tonight was the first time I’ve ever tried it any other way than steamed. I came across the recipe yesterday while doing some menu and writing plans for the week. Coicidentally, I picked up a bunch on my trip to the store earlier in the morning.

I used a rather liberal coating of oil and salt, but that did not seem to matter. The roasting gave it a sweeter flavor than I’m used to, which was immediately contrasted by the saltiness. It complemented the rest of the meal — roasted pork tenderloin with quinoa and couscous — nicely.

Roasted Asparagus
Adapted from the This Week for Dinner blog

Line a cookie sheet with foil and spread your asparagus out on it. Drizzle olive oil over the top and add a healthy sprinkling of kosher or sea salt. Using your hands, roll the stalks in the oil and salt to give a nice coating. Roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Serve hot and fold the foil over to keep the asparagus warm.


2 thoughts on “Monday Side Dish: Roasted Asparagus”

  1. We make our asparagus once a week like this. We found this stuff with the other seasonings that is called McCormick’s Vegetable Supreme. We just sprinkle it on the asparagus and it gives it a little taste. Easy veggie to go with our couscous.

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