Link Dump 3.13.11

Periodically, I’ll do a link dump of food articles I find worth reading. It’s a cheap ploy to fill the blog with content and not have to do a lot of work. Hence the name “link dump.” So, when you’ve reached your fill of Japan earthquake coverage, check out:

The Food Lab’s Guide to Corned Beef and the Science of Simmering (Serious Eats)
I like my corned beef brisket cooked Kosher deli style. The St. Patrick’s Day delight of corned beef and cabbage does nothing for me. But I’m also the jackass that wears red on March 17 because St. Patrick was Italian.

Why I Don’t Cook at Home (The Oatmeal)
It really explains itself. If you don’t read The Oatmeal regularly, you’re missing out.

Paper or Plastic? Wine by the Box, Keg and Can (WSJ)
My father used to keep boxes of wine in the house for cooking, drinking and stripping paint. I used to sneak glasses of it as a kid, wondering why the glass upon glass of Franzia white zin I was drinking didn’t get me drunk. Turns out, I wasn’t a 15-year-old girl.

9 Seasonal Fast-Food Obsessions (ZagatBuzz)
“Sold in parts of the U.K. last winter, Burger King took its marquee burger and added a disk of mashed up Brussels sprouts and Emmental cheese. Well, that’s one way to get kids to eat their veggies.” I’m intrigued.

Study: Kids prefer taste of food from cartooned packages (USA Today)
BREAKING NEWS: Kids prefer the taste of food when its has been coated in sugar.

How to Split a Check at a Restaurant (The Awl)
Math is hard. Let’s go shopping.


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